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5 Must-Have Apps For Every Fashionpreneur

If you are an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, chances are you NEED to be incorporating these apps within your daily life. No matter if you are a fashion design, boutique owner, or stylist.... this post is for YOU!

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App #1: Pantone Studio

Pantone is the organization that establishes the Color of the Year. They actually give a unique identifier to every color that exists which is super helpful for industries that involves color-critical decision-making like manufacturing.

Their app is a great resource for designers who need to communicate to manufacturers virtually. The color-matching process can be extremely frustrating, especially for fabric. Simply give your manufacturer the Pantone name of the color you are interested in and they should be able to closely match it with fabric samples.

The app has several cool features: it is easy to use, you can create custom color stories, you can even upload a photo and the app will identify the colors within that photo for you! 10/10 recommend!

App #2: Vogue Runway

Vogue runway is another app you need to add to your catalog. It is like the CNN of the Fashion Industry. Download it to stay up to date on the latest fashion shows and trends. I primarily use this app for inspiration, there are so many great images. I am also able to catch up on the latest runway shows that I may have missed. Definitely a great tool to keep in your back pocket!

App #3: Sketchbook

The Sketchbook app is a great resource as well, especially for designers. Being able to create a digital sketch on the go is so valuable because ideas can come from anywhere! The app is easy to use and great for those who may not be artistically inclined. Simply snap a photo of a paper drawing or Pinterest image and trace over it in the app.

App #4: Canva

I use Canva on the DAILY for all aspects of my business. Canva has thousands of templates for creatives including business cards, logos, Instagram posts, and even Youtube Thumbnails... which is why I call it the Photoshop for beginners! It is truly a great resource for branding and setting up your website as well. And did I mention its FREE.99?

App #5: Pinterest

Pinterest is hands-down the social media platform I utilize the most. It is such a great tool to become inspired especially if you are in the midst of launching a new product. The app is great for styling inspirations... so if you have a product that is not selling, sometimes styling it differently can make all the difference.

Pinterest is also a great business tool as well. If you have a fashion, beauty or even home decor brand, be sure to post your product photos on Pinterest and even utilize the ad capabilities to get you brand in front of the right audience.

That's All For This Post

I hope you found this information helpful. Be sure to check out my Resources page to discover additional tools for fashion entrepreneurs just like YOU!



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