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5 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales

Are you looking for ways to grow your online business this year, but not sure how? Don't worry, I've got you Sis! Keep reading to learn about 5 ways to improve your website to make more money this year.

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Tip #1: Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

If you are a creative like me, you probably enjoy designing websites yourself. Even if you outsource web design updates to a third party, you are likely looking to get quality work for a decent price. Majority of the time updates are made and reviewed using the desktop view because that is where most web editors live. However, it can be so easy to forget to review the mobile version of your site before publishing any enhancements.

According to, the share of mobile commerce has increased almost 40% since 2016 to the current 72.9% market share in 2022. With that said, it is imperative to make sure your mobile website is functioning correctly and that your customer has a great user experience. Make sure to evaluate the quality of your images, mobile site speed, and all url links are working as expected.

Tip #2: Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is so important in order to make sure your website is showing up in front of potential customers. There are a few optimizations you can do TODAY for FREE in order to improve organic search for your site.

  1. Image Alt Text: Make sure all of your website images have Image Alt Text (Your images are searchable as well)

  2. Product Description: Product Descriptions should be rich in keywords, thoroughly explaining the benefits of your product or service

  3. Product Titles: Titles should also be keyword rich, long-tail titles are best (the more detailed the better). Avoid using fictitious names that have nothing to do with your product. (Ex. Naming a Cotton T-shirt "Amanda" ... if a potential customer is not familiar with your brand, they would never know to search "Amanda" to find your product.)

Tip #3: Improve Product Pages

We will dive deeper into this topic in a future post, but here are some things to look out for to improve your product pages: High Resolution Images, Customer Reviews/ Testimonials, and Detailed Product Descriptions. All of these elements are extremely important when creating a high converting product page.

Tip #4: Enhance User Experience

Most ecommerce platforms have several integrations that can be added to your website to enhance your customers experience. Be sure to lookout for apps that improve site speed, give customers transparency for tracking shipments and delivery, and provide multiple payment options at checkout.

Tip #5: Provide Value

Are your customers getting what they paid for? The strategies you implement to get your first sale are equally as important as the strategies you implement after the sale has been completed. What are you doing to continue to provide value to your customers after they have made their purchase? Post-purchase marketing is often forgotten about and it is easily one of the best ways to build loyalty and gain repeat purchasers. Consider the following:

  1. Reach out to customer to get feedback on your product or service

  2. Send educational content to teach customer how to properly use your product

  3. Gift a discount to encourage customers to purchase from you again

  4. Create a community and encourage your customers to share their experience with one another

  5. Establish a loyalty program to keep your. customers coming back!

New ecom series coming soon! In the meantime if you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below!



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